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BMNA Reps - Get Involved

BMNA is always looking for assistance in its Representative program.

Promoting and planning for the future of BMNA's Representative programs is always a challenge. BMNA has a continual need to plan for the future with respect to coaching staff, team official positions and selector positions.

With respect to coach and assistant coaching positions all applicants must have completed the Foundation and Development coaching levels (as a minimum) and be over 18 years of age and had previous coaching experience at club level or similar. For coaches in training they need to have done some coaching a club level and completed the Foundation level course. If you have any questions regarding these roles please contact the BMNA Rep Convenor.

People interested in selecting need to have completed the Netball NSW selector's course and have been involved with selection at club or eqivalent level. If you have any questions regarding selectors position please contact the BMNA Development Officer.

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